Anthony spent 12 years at Cebu International School. He completed his primary and secondary education there and he was on the honor roll for that entire time. He eventually ended up graduating as the valedictorian of his class. In fact, his name is enshrined at the entrance to the current CIS campus along with that of other valedictorians from other years.

During the time he was applying for college, Anthony received remarkably high ratings in his test scores for the Ateneo de Manila University and the University of Asia & the Pacific. He eventually opted to stay in Cebu and enroll in the University of the Philippines Cebu Campus. He landed in the dean's list during his freshman year as a Business Management major. However, he decided to transfer and shift to another major during his sophomore year. He pursued a degree in Information Technology at the Centre for International Education. He graduated cum laude.

He entered the University of the Philippines' Open University program to obtain a masters degree in Information Technology. Because of recent work experiences and situations, Anthony decided to shift his masters degree major to Development Communication. He is currently finishing that and plans to pursue a doctoral degree upon completion. © 2005 . All Rights Reserved