At the tender age of 12, Anthony displayed his entrepreneurial tendencies when he opened up his own retail outlet for computer equipment and software. He was truly an early adopter since at the time, the ubiquitous nature of computers today was a far-off vision. He pioneered the concept of a computer cafe' in Cebu. Slow days found him trying to hook up computers to form a crude network in order to play multi-player games.

Since college up until the present, Anthony has been heavily involved in the local music industry. His main performance outlet was his band, Serendipity. He has also done everything from vocal direction to full-blown music development and production. He is a first-call keyboard player for various musical acts that play Cebu. He has been involved in various talent management and production logistics situations. For a time, he also headed the worldwide efforts of multi-national entertainment firm, Bigfoot Entertainment's music department.

Anthony presently spends most of his time playing professional poker. He is a regular fixture in Cebu's cardrooms. He also plays online regularly at most of the major sites. Well-versed in tourney and ring game play, he prefers to play different variants of the game at different times depending on his mood.


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