Anthony Feliciano is a student of life. Ever searching and ever learning. He has diverse interests in almost all fields of endeavor. He has experienced plenty of what life has to offer but is afflicted with an unquenchable thirst for more. He believes good experiences are a blessing and that bad ones make people stronger.

Growing up in the beautiful tropical city of Cebu in the Philippines, Anthony was a precocious only child. Battling the effects of an extremely rare genetic disorder called Klaudius-Walker syndrome, the young Anthony was an ebullient soul, always looking to impress his elders. The adults delighted in his desire to entertain them by singing, dancing and engaging them in long conversations. His mother was shocked to discover him reading a newspaper on a plane at the age of four...without any prior instruction.

His parents enrolled him at an international school. He ended up spending twelve years there, completing both his primary and secondary education. Anthony was on the honor roll for all those twelve years and ended up graduating as the valedictorian of his high school class. He was also active in the varsity basketball team and promptly fell in love with the sport. Suffering an ankle sprain in the middle of the year, he turned his attentions towards another love, music. Starting out as a drummer, he eventually taught himself how to play the keyboards and started playing in a youth group.

He entered a state university as a Business Management major but promptly changed both his field of study and his school the following year. Enrolling in a private college with an international curriculum, Anthony decided to pursue a degree in Information Technology. He graduated cum laude. However, in truth, Anthony was devoting far more time and energy to his burgeoning musical career. He was asked to join one of the most respected bands in the locality. After a year long stint with the group, he went on to form the group Serendipity. He wrote, produced and released their EP and its carrier single has since become a huge national hit. Because of this, Serendipity has performed extensively on the national scene and has even enjoyed a stint abroad. Anthony has also dabbled in production work, making jingles for various companies and even a song on the soundtrack of a multi-awarded motion picture.

Currently, Anthony still pursues his passion for music as an artist while grinding it out as a professional poker player. He is also attempting to complete the final paper of his master's degree in Development Communications. With endless energy to face whatever life has to offer, Anthony lives every day with childlike enthusiasm, as if it were his last. © 2005 . All Rights Reserved